MAC Makeup Lesson: My Experience

It’s been a hectic few weeks for me from holiday to manic days at work, so apologies for the lack of posts! Something I have done in that time, however, is to visit MAC for a makeup lesson and thought I would write about my experience here.

What is a MAC Makeup Lesson?
My mum and I booked for a 90 minute makeup lesson at the MAC counter at Selfridges in London. A makeup lesson differs slightly from other makeup services in that they teach you along the way rather than just applying the makeup themselves. This meant that the makeup artist did one side of the face in order to demonstrate the technique, and then let me do the other side.

The session costs £50 but this is redeemable if you buy some products, which my mum and I took as an opportunity to go a little crazy at the checkout!

My Experience
I straight up loved my experience with the MAC makeup lesson. Right from the start the makeup artists were friendly and helpful and I absolutely loved the lady who took my session.

The session started with the makeup artist asking me what I struggled with when it came to applying my makeup. I highlighted my skin, eyeshadow and eyeliner as the areas I had most issue with and she did an amazing job at catering to those needs. She also asked what kind of look I wanted to go for and then went and fetched products based off of that. It was so exciting to see all of this amazing makeup piling up in front of me!

One of the best things she introduced me to the that day was applying my foundation with a brush… I know that’s not exactly revolutionary in the beauty world, but it certainly was for someone who has only ever applied foundation with their hands or a sponge. The makeup artist was very patient in showing me the correct technique, and also gave me the tip of sheering out my foundation by using a little bit of MAC Fix Plus.

Next up was the eyes, and I loved the eyeshadows that she picked as she went for more purple shades to contrast my green eyes. I normally steer clear of purple eyeshadow as it all too easily slips in to a black eye sort of look, so this was a nice change for me to give them a go! Again, the makeup artist was very patient in showing me some good techniques, such as holding the brush near the end in order to apply the shadow with a light hand.

The eyeliner was probably the tensest part of the whole experience, as it usually is for me anyway! We used gel eyeliner and a brush to do some winged eyeliner. The makeup artist eventually took over my side too after I kept making such a mess of it! She taught me, however, that sometimes it is just better to go for it with eyeliner and then clean it up after with a cotton bud and a bit of concealer.

The Products
Although I was tempted to walk away with everything we had used that day I had to exercise some restraint! I liked all the products but only picked up those that I absolutely loved and knew that I would use again.

First up is the beautiful Warm Soul blush, which is a bit of a cult fave when it comes to MAC makeup. Interestingly, the makeup artist recommended it as a sort of blush/bronzer hybrid for me as, because my skin is so pale, most bronzers will be too orange for my skin tone. I love the effect that this product gave to my skin; the subtle shimmer giving it a nice healthy glow.

Next up were the eyeshadows which are so beautiful! The shade Haux is a purple-toned matte brown which we used in just the crease but is also amazing on its own all over the lid for a daytime look. To amp up the eyes a little, we used Star Violet on the lids. This is a plummy-purple pearl shimmer which looks so stunning on and is super pigmented!

I loved the lip liner that the makeup artist used on me so much that I couldn’t part with it either and so picked that up too. It’s in the shade In Control, a pinky-mauve which is very on trend. I have been using this all over the lips, as it has amazing longevity yet is so nice and creamy to apply.

Finally, I bought a brush – the MAC 159 – which the makeup artist had used to apply my foundation. I have been using it non-stop since then and I love the way it allows me to apply thin layers of foundation in order to build up to the coverage I want. It also soaks up less product than a sponge, meaning I have to use less foundation to get the same effect – win win! The only downside is that it can leave brush stroke marks, but I simply tap back over with a sponge to even those out.

Would I recommend the MAC Makeup Lesson?
Absolutely! I learnt some amazing tips and techniques, came home with some great makeup and had a really great day out with my mum. The makeup artist was so lovely and kept me laughing the whole way though. Although she picked out all my products, she was always asking my opinion and how I would like my final makeup to look. I’m sure whoever your makeup artist is you’ll be able to learn a ton of cool stuff. If you’re unsure of where to start with makeup or want to brush up on your technique then I would highly recommend a MAC makeup lesson!