L’Oreal Perfect Match Perfecting Concealer

I love the L’oreal True Match foundation so thought I would give the concealer a go. This is a great drug-store option if you are looking for a good concealer on a budget. I would say the formula is comparable to the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer which is one of my all-time favourites, so not bad for £6.99!


Shade Selection
One serious drawback to this concealer is that the shade selection is so limited – only 4 different colours are available! The shades on offer do not cater for either very fair or very deep skin tones at all, meaning that this concealer will sadly not be an option for everyone. This is kind of disappointing as the True Match foundation now comes in 23 shades. Hopefully L’oreal will expand the options for the concealer as well in the future.

I picked up the shade 2 Vanilla which is the lightest shade available and even this was a little too dark for me, especially as I wanted to use it to really highlight under my eyes. The shade is good for the rest of my face, just not as highlighting as I would like.

Formula & Finish
As I said above, this concealer is a great drug-store dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. It has a similar creamy, bendable, high-coverage but not too thick consistency as the Urban Decay concealer.

The product claims to be “super bendable” and able to match “the colour and texture of your skin”. The second claim seems a little ambitious and not really something I would agree with – although a concealer that changes to match your skin would be amazing! However, I would definitely agree that this concealer is very bendable and easy to work with.

It is high coverage and will cover up most blemishes and under-eye circles. The only problem with being full-coverage is that it can look cakey if you apply to much or try to build it up by adding extra layers. Less is more with this concealer!

Before powder, I would say that the final finish of this concealer is a demi-matte. If you are looking for a super illuminating and brightening concealer, I would advise you to look elsewhere. However, for oily skin this is a great option as it is not too dewy but also not fully matte – the perfect in-between!

Overall I would recommend this concealer to anyone with oily skin looking for an inexpensive everyday concealer option. It is not mind-blowing but you know that it will be a dependable product that you know you can rely on day-to-day. The only thing holding it back at the moment is the very limited shade selection – sort that out L’Oreal!

High coverage

Limited shade selection
Can look cakey if you use too much

Available here, £5 Amazon