Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

I’m a sucker for a gimmick, which is what drew me to this new mascara from Rimmel. I picked it up for the innovative ‘shaker system’ which promises to keep your mascara fresh – no more sad, dried out tubes that you desperately try to scrape some product out of before work on a Monday morning. I loved the idea of this as I feel like mascaras are always at their best when they are freshly opened. A mascara that promises to give you that fresh-out-the-tube feeling every time, is winner with me!

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

PackagingI’ve covered the interesting parts of the packaging already, but perhaps worth going over again. The packaging looks the same as any mascara from the outside, but has a shaker system inside to mix up the product – kind of like the little balls you sometimes find in nail polishes.

Rimmel themselves seem particularly proud of this one, stating that it is “a first-to-market patented shaker system that refreshes the volumising formula whenever it’s needed”. The uniqueness of the packaging is great, and I’ve spent a fair few mornings feverishly shaking the tube just for the pure novelty of it.

However, this does make the packaging fairly weighty and I have yet to really see any benefit from the shaker system. Although I definitely need to give it a bit more of chance – I am hoping that it will keep the mascara fresh so I can use it for longer.

Formula & Wand
Rimmel states that “the volume defining brush gives you a beautiful fan of lashes with maximum separation from corner to corner.” As a mascara that has ‘volume’ in the name, this is kind of what you would expect, however, I don’t really feel like it delivers. At all.

I don’t see much volume when I use this mascara. If anything, the wand actually tends to clump your lashes together, even though the formula is supposed to provide ‘clump-free volume’. Boots does describe this product as “perfect for everyday volume” suggesting it is a more natural looking mascara. I have nothing against a more natural-looking mascara (perfect for the gym, hot summer days, or if you just prefer a more natural makeup look), however, the clumps kind of ruin the natural look. (See below for the before and after).

The wand is fairly big and is a classic shape – no curves at the edges to give you a more winged lash effect. The fact that it is quite large makes coating your lower lashes a little tricky, and I usually tend to end up with mascara under my eyes when I use this product.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the worst mascara ever, just a little disappointing. I feel like most people would expect a little more from a mascara with ‘volume’ in the name. Other mascaras, such as my current fave the Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara, manage to give amazing volume, so it’s a little disappointing that this one does not deliver.

One thing this mascara does well is that it does not smudge under the eyes or transfer on to the upper lid (if you have hooded eyes like me, you know the struggle). Yet it does not last so well on the volume-holding front. Any volume that you manage to get from application is largely gone by the end of the day. Although this makes it easy to take off, I love a mascara that really sets down and holds its volume from morning to night.

Overall, I’m sad to say I wouldn’t recommend this mascara. I love the idea of the shaker system but have yet to see any real benefit to it. I feel like Rimmel should apply the shake system to their tried and tested mascara formulas. For now though, I think I’ll be giving this one a miss.

Available here, £7.19 Amazon

Interesting shaker system meant to keep the mascara fresher, for longer
Does not transfer

Not very volumising
Clumps your lashes together