NYX Full Throttle Eyeshadow Palette

So…eyeshadow. Does anyone else find it as baffling as me? I feel like whenever I try and create those amazing eyeshadow looks that you see on Instagram, it turns into a brown mess on my eyelid. Kind of like a Pinterest hack gone wrong. So like any good workman, I decided to blame my tools…. I’ve never had an eyeshadow palette that cost more than £4, so I thought maybe it was time to splash out a little bit.

So I brought one that was £9. I know, really splashing the cash. However, this turned out to be an amazing decision. I picked up the NXY Full Throttle Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Colour Riot’ and I absolutely love it!

Shade Selection

The ‘Colour Riot’ quad has three matte shades and one shimmer. The colours lean more towards the brighter shade of the spectrum, so maybe steer clear if neutral is more your thing.

There is a warm brown, a burnt red, bright orange and a light pinky-shimmer. These Full Throttle palettes come in at least 6 other shade quads, but this was the combo that appealed to me most. I feel like burnt oranges and reds really compliment my green eyes, so for anyone with green or blue eyes these shades would work amazing for you.

Considering that this palette is relatively bright, it is so easy to create several different looks from it. The brown provides a nice transition shade, and the red and orange look beautiful on the lid. I also love using the red shade to darken up my crease and the shimmer shade on the centre of the lid to give a kind of halo eye effect. See below for swatches of all four shades (you can click on the images to make them larger).


The packaging is probably the one thing I am not so keen on. It comes in a black plastic container with a clear lid so you can see the shades inside. The fact that it has spikes on the lid is what bugs me. Some people might love this added detail, but for me it just makes it annoying to store! However, the packaging does feel durable and relatively good quality.


The formula of these shadows is what really blew me away. For £9, so £2.25 per eyeshadow, I feel like the formula is right up there. It is pigmented and really easy to blend. I also got barely any fallout when I used the matte shades.

The shimmer shade does let the palette down somewhat. It is a lot chalkier than the other shades and the glitter is pretty chunky. There is also a lot more fallout from this shade, to the point that I end up with glitter on my cheeks. Despite this, I still use this shade – either in my inner corners or in the very centre of my eyelid. I find that if I use a little at a time it is usable. No all-out glitter looks possible with this shade though L

These shadows last well, with only a little bit of creasing. They also do not fade too much when I use them on the lower lash line.


I would highly recommend this palette. The colours are beautiful and the formula is amazing. I know for sure that I will be picking up more of these. Let me know if you’ve tried these out! What did you think of them?

Available Here, £9 Boots






The formula of the shimmer shade is not as good