Smashbox Lip Liner and Liquid Lipstick

Having never tried anything from Smashbox I was very very excited when I picked up their Always Sharp Lip Liner and Always On Liquid Lipstick. Below are my thoughts on both these products (spoiler: I loved them!)

Smashbox lip products

Smashbox Always Sharp Lipliner

Available here, £15 Amazon

I’m trying to expand my collection of lip liners. It seems like a makeup essential in which I am strangely lacking. Having also never tried anything from Smashbox, this product seemed like a perfect one to try.

Key Points

This lip liner comes with a sharpening lid, meaning that as you twist the lid off, the tip is sharpened – hence the ‘Always Sharp’ name. It promises to be long-wearing and water-resistant to keep lip colour from feathering – tick, tick and tick.

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I picked mine up from a Smashbox shop in Cambridge for £16 I went for the shade ‘Melon’ to go along with the liquid lipstick I also bought that day (review below). It is a pale coral pink shade which is pretty and not something I would usually go for but may be useful under other light pink nudes as well.


The packaging is fairly underwhelming – the same as any other lip liner packaging from the drugstore. I guess the in-built sharpener is the true selling point, and was something which I absolutely loved. It meant you didn’t have to fish out an old sharpener every time you open your liner only to find that it is unusably blunt. You also don’t get the messy sharpenings every wear and the lip liner all over your hands (that can’t be just me that this happens to…) As well as this I liked that the packaging was the colour of the lip liner inside. It’s a simple thing but makes finding and using your makeup so much easier!


When it comes to the actual formula itself, I have mixed feelings about this product. If you like a creamy lip liner, this is not one for you. It is much more of a waxy formula. Although this gives it greater staying power, it is harder to apply. I don’t particularly like the dragging feeling on my lips when I apply this and I don’t think I would be able to fill in my entire lips with it. However, I can overlook that for the extra longevity it gives the lipstick I layer over the top.


Overall I would recommend this lip liner, with some reservations. If you are looking for a creamy lip liner that you can use to fill in your entire lips then this is not the product for you. However, if you want more of a base lip liner that will make your lipstick look better and last longer then I would definitely suggest this one. The self-sharpening tip is an added bonus. Let me know what you think of this product if you’ve tried it or if you have any suggestions for any other lip liners that you love!




Prevents lipstick from feathering/bleeding


Waxy formula can drag on the lips when applying

Smashbox Always on Liquid Lipstick

Available here, £19 Boots

I love a good liquid lipstick so decided to give this one from Smashbox a try. I picked mine up in the shade ‘Drivers Seat’ – a dark pink with orangey undertones. It is super pretty and a type of nude which I do not yet have in my collection.

Key Points

Comfort and longevity are the dream combo for me in a liquid lipstick and this product promises to do both. Smashbox claims this product will last up to 8 hours, that it is “smudge-proof, budge-proof and non-feathering…long-wear and water-resistant”. However, they also highlight that it is infused with “lip-smoothing Primer Oil” that will make it comfortable and more moisturising than most liquid lipsticks.

Packaging & Applicator

I love the packaging of this product. Simple, clean and easy to see the colour of the product. The applicator is also interesting. It is a diamond-shaped doe foot applicator that is curved to match the curve of the lips. The sharper shape of the tip makes it easy to get a clean line at the edges of your lips.

It also has a small ‘well’ (or “no-drop reservoir” as Smashbox call it) within the applicator where product is collected. This means I only need one dip into the tube in order to coat my entire lips – something which I think is important to think about when you’re paying £19 for a liquid lipstick.

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Formula & Pigmentation

Talking of coverage, this product has amazing pigmentation. Only one swipe is needed which is great as I try and avoid layering liquid lipsticks as much as possible. The formula is relatively quick to dry, and once it is set it is pretty hard to move. Transfer-proof, kiss-proof and almost entirely eating and drinking proof it will stay on through most things! It promises 8 hour wear but I would go as far to say that it can last even longer than that on me.


It is comfortable…up to a point. I feel like there is such a trade-off between comfort and longevity with liquid lipsticks. I have yet to find one that does both amazingly. This Smashbox product sits somewhere in the middle. It is definitely long-wearing but that comes at the cost of comfort. Towards the end of the day, my lips definitely start to dry up and look a little gross!


Overall though I would highly recommend these liquid lipsticks. Their staying power is right up there with the best, the pigmentation is amazing and there are some beautiful shades in the collection. Let me know if you’ve tried these liquid lipsticks out and what you thought of them!




Quick to dry

Nice doe-foot applicator

Highly pigmented


Can be drying