L’Oreal Infaillible Full Coverage Longwear Concealer Palette

The idea of full-coverage concealers and colour correctors all in one place is what drew me to this product. Being able to neutralise redness and cover my dark circles is a must for me to get a flawless base.

L’Oreal Infaillible Full Coverage Longwear Concealer Palette

Priced at £9.99 (at Superdrug), this new concealer palette is described by L’Oreal as “Our 1st concealer palette with 2 high coverage, colour-correcting shades and 3 shades to conceal. The lightweight formula allows you to layer multiple colours without the overload, leaving an even, smooth finish.”

This palette offers five shades. Three beige concealer shades and then lilac and green correctors. The idea is to use the lilac shade to cover dark circles or brighten dark patches, the green shade to neutralise redness and then use one of the concealer shades over the top to blend it all out.

So often colour correctors simply do not work for me as they are not pigmented enough to make any noticeable difference. I’m not going to keep adding a step to my makeup routine if it’s not bringing anything to the table. This product, however, actually worked for me! The green shade especially did a great job at neutralising the redness around my nose and any stray blemishes I had that day. The lilac shade didn’t have such a noticeable effect as my dark circles still peeked through, but was still brightening under the eyes. I think if your dark circles are not as severe as mine, this shade would work nicely for you.

When it comes to the concealer shades, I was not quite so enamoured. They are good, don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing particularly special about them. I would reach for other concealers to go over the colour correcting shades, before any of these. I also only tend to use the lightest shade in the palette as the other two are too dark for me, and too orange to be used as cream contour shades. This is a shame as it seems a bit of waste to have to shades that are never used. However, I guess others might find a use for them – let me know if you have any ideas! See below for swatches:

The formula has both pros and cons. It is thick and creamy, giving it the full-coverage effect that I love. However, this means that it can quickly look thick, even cakey, on the skin if you use too much. Even though the product description promises that the ‘light-weight’ formula allows you to layer colours, I’m not sure that is something I would entirely agree with. The trick is to make sure you use a small amount; just enough to cover whatever you are concealing, and blend it out fully. This will also ensure that any red or lilac does not show through when you apply your foundation. The concealers are pretty long-lasting but can crease badly under the eyes (again, try not to use too much).

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone looking to get in to colour correcting. It’s great to have so many shades in one palette and at a relatively affordable price. I wouldn’t say the concealers are such a great selling point, so if you’re looking at the palette for that reason alone, I would perhaps looking at some other products first. However, I know I will continue to use this product for its green and lilac shades. Let me know if you’ve tried this product out!

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Good coverage

Creamy & pigmented formula

Great at neutralising redness

Okay at covering dark circles


Can look cakey if you use too much

Difficult to find uses for concealers that are not your shade