L’Oreal Paris Eye Paint

I love cream eyeshadows and eye shadow sticks. They’re just so easy to apply, blend and usually last a long time too, so I was excited to try this ‘eye paint’ from L’Oreal. I picked up the shade Golden Eye for £5.99 from Very, and was hoping for great things. However, I’m just going to say it now, I was not a big fan.

L'Oreal Eye Paint in Golden Eye

L’oreal describes this product as a ‘liquid-to-powder formula’ that ‘glides on smoothly and blends seamlessly’ for a finish ‘that lasts throughout the day’. I wouldn’t really agree with any of this (sorry L’oreal, I still love you!)

When I first swatched this product on my hand I thought it was pretty pigmented. However, when I used it on the eye it was a different story. It went on so patchy and unevenly, with the pigment concentrated in some areas and completely missing in others. I also didn’t feel like it was really drying down or turning in to a powder finish at all. I would describe it as a mousse-like texture that remained so moist on my lids that it had creased within 2 minutes. Perhaps some patience, or a setting eyeshadow over the top is needed for this product.

It also did not last very long at all. I put this on at 10am, and it was pretty much gone by 11am. Not exactly the longevity that my other cream eyeshadows promise. The only use I can think of for this product is as an inner corner highlight. It did look pretty when I tried it here and lasted a lot longer when it was on the lid alone.

Overall this is definitely not a product I would recommend. There are so many other better affordable cream eyeshadows out there (see my Maybelline Colour Tattoo review for a great example). Have you used this product and had a better experience?

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Ermm…the applicator was easy to use I guess?

Not very pigmented
Not long-lasting
Creases easily
Not transfer-proof