NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks

I absolutely love NYX, and since it has made its way into UK drugstores I’ve been slowly working my way through their makeup collection – especially their lip products. I have two of their soft matte lip creams (in Madrid and Morocco) which I absolutely love. However, I wanted to try their more long lasting lip products (as the lip creams last barely a couple of hours on my lips – bearing in mind that I spend a lot of my time eating…)

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks

And so next on my NXY hit list were their Liquid Suede cream lipsticks. These are described to be more like a liquid lipstick- actually drying down rather than staying as a cream. The range in general is packed full of fun, bright colours. But, as these are not really me and I wanted to actually get some wear out of them, I went for two more neutral shades. I chose Soft Spoken, a dark pinky nude, and Vintage, a dark browny purple.


I have mixed feelings about the formula. On the one hand it is generally opaque – Soft Spoken went on beautifully. However, Vintage took a little more work. I’m not sure I would recommend this colour and fear that the other darker colours in the collection might have the same issue (as darker colours are so much harder to formulate perfectly). But, focusing on the positives, the formula of Soft Spoken was beautiful! Below are pictures of Soft Spoken, and then Vintage on my lips (click on the images to make them bigger).


The lipstick does also dry down a lot more than the lip creams, as promised. However, it does not dry down fully to a transfer-proof, long-lasting finish. Instead you are left with a tacky finish. This isn’t the end of the world, just slightly uncomfortable if you press your lips together and can also cause the hair stuck to lips issue that I generally try to avoid at all costs. Other than that it was actually quite nice to wear, not too heavy but I also felt sure that it wouldn’t slip and slide all over my face.

Price & Packaging

They are also great value for money. Priced at £6.50 you get a good amount of product – almost double that of the lip creams which are £5.50. The packaging feels solid whilst not the most high-end. I also wasn’t overly enamoured by the applicator. It picked up a nice amount of product but was a little too long, making it difficult to control. It was definitely still usable though, and worst comes to worst, you can always apply with a lip brush instead.


As I’m writing this, I’ve just returned from lunch wearing Soft Spoken. It lasted really well! I ate and drank but by the end of the meal it was still pretty much all there and hadn’t faded in the centre too much. I would say these are relatively long-lasting lipsticks, probably able to go the whole day with a few touch ups here and there.


Overall I would recommend these lipsticks for any one transitioning from traditional lipsticks to liquid lipsticks. They sit somewhere in between the two making them a perfect, in-expensive way to try out these kinds of products. The colour selection is also amazing, ranging from a perfect nude to a bright blue to a black. I know for sure that I will be going back to add some more colours to my collection (Cherry Skies is definitely first on my list). Let me know if you’ve tried any of these liquid lipsticks and what you thought of them – especially if you’ve tried out some of the darker shades!

Soft Spoken available here

Vintage available here



Relatively comfortable for a liquid lipstick


Formula of variable quality (lighter shade was pigmented, darker shade more patchy)

Applicator can be difficult to use