Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows

These are one of my all-time favourite high street cream eyeshadows. Actually, screw that, they are my all time-favourite high street cream eyeshadows. I have already been through several pots of them as I use them on an almost-daily basis.

These eyeshadows are super easy to apply and out-last all my other cream shadows (although I have yet to test the 24hour wear claim…) I do find that they still crease on me, but I have yet to find an eyeshadow that doesn’t. There can also be a little separation throughout the day depending on what I’m doing. Despite all of this, these are easily still the longest-wearing cream shadows on me that I have tried.

I love using them as base colours – like eye shadow primers of the Mac paint pot kind. They help any powder eyeshadows that I layer over the top last longer and come out more pigmented. They are also amazing just on their own. I pack them on my lid and blend out into my crease for an incredibly easy eyeshadow look.

I like the simple, fuss-free packaging. Easy to travel with and easy to use. Just a plastic screw lid on a glass pot containing the product.

My three favourites are the shades On and On Bronze (35), Vintage Plum (97) and Creamy Beige (98). The bronze shade is great for an evening look all over the lid or for brightening up the inner corners during the day. Creamy Beige I will wear blended out all over my lid with a darker brown eyeshadow in my crease for a more day-time look. Vintage Plum is for when I’m feeling a little more adventurous and want to experiment with a purple eye (to varying degrees of success…)

See the gallery below for swatches of all these shades:

I would highly recommend these eyeshadows. If you are looking for an affordable cream shadow, this is it; the pigmentation, bendability and longevity are second to none. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has tried these and rates them as highly as I do?

On and On Bronze available here

Vintage Plum available here

Creamy Beige available here

Easy to blend
Can be used as eyeshadow or base

Can crease